Michelle Waters
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artists and friends

Jo Frederiks
Marlaina Mortati
Christine De Camp
Bob Nanninga
Elizabeth Lyle
Ketzia Schoneberg
Jen Trute
Vegan art tumblr
Sheppard Collection of Vegan Art

galleries and art orgs

Animal Museum
Kaleid Gallery
Studio Gallery
Cactus Gallery
Crusade Creative, animal rights art
Eco-Expression, climate change art
Art Not Oil
Art Opportunities Monthly
beinArt Surreal Art Collective
Women Environmental Artists Directory


for animals and the earth

PreetiRang Sanctuary
Gentle Barn
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
Center for Biological Diversity
Food Empowerment Project
Save Japan Dolphins
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Project Purr
Cat House on the Kings
Rabbit Haven
Animal Place
Center for Animal Protection and Education
Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley
Wild Care
Wolf Patrol