Michelle Waters
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Archival prints and blank greeting cards are available of most of these paintings. I'm working on getting a store online, but in the meantime please contact me for purchase info. A percentage of the proceeds from all my artwork goes to grassroots groups working for animals and the Earth.

Octopope Cat Finch Mockingcat Cardinal Sinners The Catolic Saint Rattus
Saint Aloysius Moon Rabbits Lady Prunella Porcinius Saint Corvis Fez Magpie Saint
Scrub Jay Saint Toadally Spellbound Out After Curfew Owl and the Pussycat Owl and Pussycat Sunset Playing Chase Through the Clouds
Owl Priest Princes of the Universe Squirrel Duchess Mother Mary Mother Superior Father Chimp
Say Ahh Lord of the Flies HRH Cornelius Rex IV Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury Capt. Jack Squirrel Badger Baroness
Cheshire Kitten alice in wonderland caterpillar Praying Mantis
bunny priest
Fox and Plover