“Howling to the Ancestors”, a new painting (8/18) created for Cactus Gallery group show “Revival”. I see animals as being as much my relations as other humans are, so it’s very personal to me that wildlife is being targeted and destroyed more than ever. Humans have persecuted wolves for centuries, and wolf populations are in big trouble in the U.S. because of industry’s attack on the Endangered Species Act, facilitated by Trump and the Republican Congress. We still have wolves, bald eagles and whales to name a few because of the protection given them by our environmental laws. My proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated to the Center for Biological Diversity to help their legal work to save the Endangered Species Act.


California Girl painting of deer, California poppies, Monarch butterfly, roses and hummingbird by Michelle Waters Symbiosis painting of Grizzly Bear and Monarch Butterflies by Michelle Waters
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